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Horsefly River - "A Heritage River Fly Fishing Experience"

The Horsefly River - a beautiful meandering river, draining the icy waters from its' origins high in the rugged Cariboo Mountains on the border of Wells Gray Park, races and tumbles over beautiful Horsefly Falls. It creates perfect habitat for the legendary trophy wild rainbows of its lower reaches. The Horsefly is one of the major life's blood rivers of Quesnel Lake. It is the nursery for over 75% of Quesnel Lake's spawning rainbows. Hundreds of thousands of sockeye return here each year to spawn and complete their life cycle making it host to British Columbia's largest and most noted salmon run. All of this offers you the ultimate in a once-in-a-lifetime fishing experience. Recently designated one of Canada's Heritage Rivers, the Horsefly is unsurpassed in natural beauty and an outstanding trout fishery.

The Horsefly River is one of the province's classified waters. This means it is closely monitored to maintain the quality angling experience it is known for. Open for angling from June 15th, the river is catch and release only and barbless hooks are required. Fly fishing is outstanding throughout the season ' dry fly in July and August and wet flies and egg patterns throughout the fall months give you non-stop exciting action for big 'bows and voracious Dolly Varden. Drift fishing and wading is the best method for fishing this river. No motorized boats are allowed. Fishing for wild trout in the quiet solitude of this river, disturbed only by the splash of the big 'bows dancing on the end of your fly line, is the ultimate trout fishing experience of a lifetime.

Mitchell Lake

This is a premier outdoor adventure in the magnificent Cariboo Mountains. Fly in to remote and pristine Mitchell Lake in the heart of the new Cariboo Mountains Park where the towering peaks and the Lunn Glacier overlook the azure depths of this exquisite 15-mile long lake.

On arrival we will make you comfortable in our camp, where your fishing adventure begins. Relax and enjoy this mountain paradise. Spend your time fishing for the big Dolly Varden and Rainbow Trout, exploring the Mitchell Lake area, enjoying the mountain scenery, and native wildlife. For a special adventure spend one of your days hiking up to the glacier or into nearby pristine Christian Lake.

Mitchell River - A Fly Fishing Classic

The fly fishing on the Mitchell River is unparalleled. By mid-September the clear glacial waters of the river are red with the returning Sockeye Salmon, one of British Columbia's largest runs.

The big 'bows have been stirred into a frenzy as they follow the Salmon to the spawning grounds of the Mitchell River. From Pyna-tee-ah's docks on Quesnel Lake we take you by boat up the North Arm where we transfer to our jetboat for the trip up the Mitchell River for some of the finest Rainbow Trout fishing in the world. In the big pools, the big 'bows' will treat you to thrilling action that will keep you coming back for more.

Take a break from the fishing action, if you can, and enjoy the antics of the native wildlife in their natural habitat. You may even see a mountain grizzly eating a salmon dinner. This is a premier fly fishing excursion on one of the most unique and exquisite river systems in British Columbia.

Fishing Quesnel Lake and Surrounding Small Lakes

Beautiful Quesnel Lake lies at the edge of the Cariboo Mountains Park in the heart of British Columbia, approximately 70 miles east of Williams Lake. The crystal clear waters of this 80-mile long lake with over 360 miles of shoreline offers some of the finest trout fishing on the planet. The unique strain of Rainbow Trout, which range up to 25 pounds are the hardest fighting fish you've ever had on your line!

In these waters you will also lure in Dolly Varden, Lake Trout and Kokanee. Surrounding Quesnel Lake are numerous smaller mountain lakes, all teeming with trout. Whether you spin fish, troll or enjoy still water fly fishing, these lakes are fishing oasis. Spend some of your time fishing for the legendary Quesnel Lake trophy trout and exploring the wondrous sights of the East Arm including our own Niagara Falls. You may even catch a mountain goat napping on the steep bluffs overlooking the lake or a moose taking a swim.

The North Arm offers its own unique fishing experience and more trophy trout. Get in touch with nature and visit some of the nearby smaller secluded lakes. They will prove not only to be very productive fishing spots where you can fly fish, spin or troll for Rainbows up to five pounds, but refreshing oasis of mountain solitude.

Cariboo Mountains Park

The majestic towering peaks and the Lunn Glacier overlook the azure depths of Mitchell Lake, the jewel of Cariboo Mountains Park . From our camp on the north shore of Mitchell Lake you can enjoy some of the most fantastic trout fishing on the planet.

The Cariboo Mountains Park is a Class A park covering an estimated 113,469 hectares (45,390 acres) of wilderness dominated by high mountain peaks and glaciers, densely forested valleys with avalanche chutes, and beautiful mountain tarn lakes nested in narrow valley bottoms. Vegetation in the undeveloped watersheds of the Park consists of old red cedar and hemlock forests giving way to spruce and subalpine fir forests at higher elevations.

The diverse wilderness landscape of the park, ranging from wetlands and sensitive riparian areas to alpine tundra, provide important habitat for a wide variety of wildlife species including mountain caribou, grizzly bears, wolf, otter, beaver, marten, mink, porcupine and many other small animals and birds. The rivers and streams, in particular the Mitchell River, provides spawning, rearing and foraging habitat for the wild native trout, like British Columbia's legendary rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, and bull trout, as well as sockeye, coho, and chinook salmon and kokanee.

The watersheds within the park also provide habitat for numerous waterfowl species and support significant waterfowl staging areas in the early spring. It is not unusual to see swans, geese, ducks, blue herons, pelicans, cranes and many others in the spring as they rest on their northward migration and again during their fall migrations.

The world class Cariboo Mountains Park borders world renowned Bowron and Wells Gray Parks. It offers backcountry adventures and recreationists exceptional fly fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking and exploring opportunities in a secluded and uncrowded wilderness setting. For the most rewarding experience in this area it is recommended that you go with an experienced guide service, such as Pyna-tee-ah Fishing Adventures.

Cariboo River Park

The wetlands of the Cariboo River Park also offer a unique wilderness experience with fishing and wildlife viewing. Cariboo River Park covers an area of approximately 3211 hectares or approximately 1280 acres. The park remains in a nearly natural state and is home to a wide variety of large and small native wildlife. It provides important winter habitat and range for moose in the valley bottom wetlands and forests. For the hiker, photographer and naturalist, the natural beauty and serenity of these mountain wilderness parks is unsurpassed.

Quesnel Lake

The crystal clear waters of Quesnel Lake cover an area approximately 27,196 hectares or 10,878 acres in British Columbia's central interior region. It has a maximum depth of over 610 metres (approximately 2000 ft.) giving it the noted distinction of being the world's deepest fjord lake (created by glacial action). Quesnel Lake, at an elevation of 728 metres (2387 ft.) in the Cariboo Mountains is noted for trophy Rainbows up to 25 pounds and Lake Trout up to 30 pounds. The rivers and tributaries of the Quesnel Lake system hosts one of the province's largest Sockeye Salmon runs. The three arms of Quesnel Lake offer exceptional scenic beauty and wildlife viewing and no trip or lake charter is complete without an excursion to our own Niagara Falls.

Our professional outdoor guides, with over twenty-five years experience guiding fishers and adventurers in this back country are ready to take you on an exclusive adventure in the Cariboo Mountains. Fishing, hiking, photosafaris, and more are yours to enjoy. Our versatility and custom holiday adventures allow you to mix and match a wilderness adventure suited to you, your family or group.

Williams Lake is our nearest major centre, offering visitors necessary amenities, including a commercial airport with daily flights to and from Vancouver by Air BC. Ground or air transport to and from Williams Lake can be arranged. Fly in by floatplane to our Quesnel Lake dock, or by wheel plane to our local nearby airstrip. All guests are treated to comfortable lodging and home cooked meals. Corporate rates, group rates and family discounts are available.

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